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Travel Traineeships

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Article by Carlene Harlock – Angliss Travel Traineeship Coordinator

Did you know that the Angliss Travel department also provides training for trainees travel agents who are completing the Certificate III in Travel while working?

A traineeship is similar to an apprenticeship and is established when an employer contacts WAI, asking us to provide training for a new employee who does not have a travel industry qualification.  The trainee undertakes training and assessment tasks through Moodle and is also assessed when visited in the workplace by a WAI trainer.

As a full time student, the Certificate III in Travel is completed in six months.  Trainee travel agents commit a few hours per week to their study and usually complete the qualification in 18-24 months.

WAI has trainees working in agencies throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Occasionally, trainees may contribute to the Angliss Travel & Tourism blog so that students are able to learn about their experiences working in the industry.

Next week there will be a great post from a recent graduate.