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Tourism students meet Ned Kelly before discovering life behind Bars

The T3 Tourism Advanced Diploma Tourism students discovered life in gaol for their Tourism products famils to the Old Melbourne Gaol, the City Police Watch-house and the Police Museum. The experience provided inspiration to complete an assessment task based on reviewing a Melbourne Tour product and to find out about ‘Ned Kelly’IMG_1562

The Old Melbourne Gaol is a must see Melbourne tourism experience in the CBD that provides the opportunity to walk on the blue stone footsteps in one of Australia’s most notorious gaol. The Gaol has an excellent range of interpretive signage to read and reflect on life in gaol


This iconic tourism experience is a good starting point to discover one of Australia’s most infamous criminals Ned Kelly. Or was he a hero?.


The City Watch House next to the Old Melbourne Gaol is a must do 40 minute experience to really feel what it is like to be part of the criminal justice process. This experience takes you through the arresting process by the Charge Sergeant and then into the lock up.


Elodie and Yukari experiencing the padded cell


No longer a name but a number


The visit to the Police Museum enabled time to read the stories and reflect about the real work undertaken by the Police in Melbourne.


 Behind the dark side of the Gaols Bars


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