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Tour guiding field trips

Our Cert III budding tour guides, together with the Advanced Diploma in Tourism elective students have been busy gaining product information in the field. Last week, we started with a visit to Federation Square


followed by a Dome Galleries tour at the State Library this week. The latter was a way to evaluate how tours are conducted, what the attributes of a site guide are, what their expected product knowledge is, etc.  The students enjoyed the guided tour through the different levels of the library and realised what a fascinating place this is… Some already plan to go back on their own accord to learn more…


Next week, we will be visiting Travellers Bridge (also known as Sandridge bridge) to learn about the ten travellers figures who represent a period of migration to Australia and to see how this venue can lead tour groups through a series of panels.






Birgitta March

Teacher tourism including tourguiding and Multi-lingual tourguide in Australia.

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