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Skal International Melbourne

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The long term relationship between William Angliss Institute and Skal International Melbourne has been reignited after a short absence. George Vajda – Program Leader – Tourism, Travel & Resorts joined Skal in November 2015. At the recent 2017 AGM meeting for Skal International Melbourne, George became a committee member for the Melbourne chapter. The other new incoming committee member is Tara Strickland from the Hotel Grand Chancellor Melbourne.

William Angliss Institute’s association with Skal goes back to the foundation of the Melbourne chapter in 1961. Founding president Walter Edney who was on the council of William Angliss  proposed that it would be of interest of the College for the principal to join the club and this continued to well in the late 1990’s.

George is looking forward to working on the committee and making the Melbourne chapter one of the most active in Australia.

This provides another example of William Angliss Institute’s close relationship with the industry which benefits students.





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