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“So what brings you into our travel agency today…?”

Over the past 2 weeks the travel students have completed their first one on one travel sales consultations with me. I played ‘passenger’ and the task was to listen to my holiday needs, wants and expectations and to come up with a destination and a packaged quote for me. This is a practical way for the students to exhibit what they have learnt throughout their semester and for me to give them feedback on their strengths and where improvement is needed.

After their initial sales consults, the next 2 weeks will be the students presenting their packaged quotes to me and I will give them feedback on their follow up consultations.

Travel turns Japanese!

Yesterday Clement (Wholesale Manager) from JTB came in to talk to the students about the JTB brand and their products.

Clement stressed the importance of the following; having a passion for what you are selling, exceptional product knowledge, managing the customers expectations and providing excellent customer service to your clients.

After Clement finished explaining the JTB brand, market and products, he finished the session by training the students on Japan. The students took notes about what to see, where to go, what to do, where to stay in Japan and took on all of Clement’s recommendations.

Thank you Clement for coming in to talk to our travel students!

  • Vanuatu_Lagoon 2_IMG_2037
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Words from our Travel Coordinator…

Vanuatu 2_WAI APTC_IMG_0597

Our Travel Coordinator, George posted this via the WAI-APTC Travel & Hospitality Professionals’ page on Facebook:

I would like to thank all the crew from APTC for providing us with a wonderful week which I hope many of my students won’t forget. From the moment we arrived your warm welcome and smile was the start of a great week. Your arrangements throughout the week was first class, and professionally handled and you were all a credit to yourselves and APTC. Thank you for everything you did, you can all be proud of your achievements, and I wish you all the very best when you finish your course and good luck for where ever it may lead you. You all have so much to give the Tourism Industry and I know you will all do well. I look forward to catching up with all of you over the years in my travels, when you are all in industry. Thank you and Good Luck to you all.

– George Vajda, Coordinator – Travel & Aviation, William Angliss Institute

© All photos by Dan Siriman, 2015

Farewell from Paradise…

On Saturday, the students enjoyed lunch at Eton Beach and then it was off to the Blue Lagoon!

Yesterday the students got to experience a church service with the rest of the day free to enjoy their last day in Port Vila…

This morning the students departed Port Vila at 7am. With a day of travel ahead, I wish the students safe travels back to Melbourne. Oh and to greet you all will be a glorious 17oc afternoon with rain! 😛

Can’t wait to hear about your trip on Wednesday…

Thank you again to all our industry partners and APTC for looking after our students while away in Vanuatu! 🙂

It’s a hard-knock life for us…

Ekasup1Last night, the travel students visited the Ekasup Cultural Village. The students saw first hand the life, customs, traditions and culture of the Ni Vanuatu people. They learnt about food preparation and roasting, hand made hunting traps and how to use native herbs as medicine. This is definitely a MUST DO for anyone travelling to Vanuatu!

Pictured here is one of our travel students Dan (in maroon) and our Coordinator, George (in blue). The Chief gave Dan the ‘Talking Stick’. So I suppose that made Dan honorary Chief last night?! And Dan, don’t let George anywhere near that ‘Talking Stick’ please! 😛IMG_1994

Today the travel students are off on the Coongoola day cruise. This is personally one of my favourite things to do in Vanuatu! They will cruise around the lagoon and eat lunch on a secluded island where they will be the only ones there… Relaxing, tanning, swimming and snorkelling will be the order of the day!

Tomorrow will be a free day for the students where they will get a choice of either exploring more of Port Vila, sitting on the white sand beach of Hideaway Island (where there is also an underwater post office) or doing six ziplines above the canyon!

And I bet you have that song stuck in your head now huh?!

Vanuatu Earthquake

There are reports of an earthquake in Vanuatu this morning, but we are pleased to report that our group of travellers are all safe and well.  They are in the Port Vila area and did not feel it, although a couple of students did think there breakfast table was shaking a little bit.

Yes, they are all safe and sound!

Travel Update from Vanuatu!

Vanuatu - Mele Cascades_1The semester 2 Travel students are enjoying Vanuatu!

Yesterday the students visited the Secret Gardens and the Mele Cascades where they were able to learn about the history and culture of Vanuatu and have a swim in the beautiful and clear waters of the falls.

Today the students will go on a guided walk of Port Vila hosted by the tour guiding and tourism students of our sister school, APTC. Then tonight they will be going to the Ekasup Cultural Village for a cultural show and dinner.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you news from the Coconut wire in Vanuatu.

Whatever your style, see it your way!

Gads Student Talk - IMG_0019EMBRACE THE BIZARRE! Today Travel welcomed Greg, Global Purpose Specialist – Sales Manager for G Adventures.

Who is G Adventures you ask? They are the small group adventure specialists with over 25 years experience in the industry. They have over 650 tours to choose from that delivery an authentic, cultural and sustainable travel experience. With their youngest traveller at 5 years old, there’s a tour for everyone!

The travel students sat in awe as Greg started his talk on the history of G Adventures and their inspirational founder Bruce Poon Tip. Greg continued with explaining the G Adventures brand, target markets, tours styles and sharing his own G travel experiences.Continue reading

Back in the Day….

Cultural Heritage and the story telling used to share this knowledge is an important skill in a Tour Guide’s “skill set.” Tour Guiding Students traveled to Sandringham to learn about the early settlers of this suburb. The first land division was  bought by Joshua Holloway who named it Gypsy Village. The true origin of this name still has question marks attached to it.

A tour that had been previously been developed students from Sandringham Public School lent itself to demonstrating how information can be interpreted and presented to meet the requirements of a diverse and varied audience.Continue reading