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Diversity week

Today, students went on an excursion to the Historical Society of Victoria which is a niche organisation dedicated to the collection, preservation and promotion of Victorian history and heritage. They are a membership-based organisation with more than 1000 members. They are an important source of information to tourism personnel in terms of providing niche historical information. Three times a year, they offer free historical exhibition to visitors. Today, it was an exhibition about the Olympic Games. They also offer guided walks in the Flagstaff Gardens for visitors.

We then continued via Queen Victoria’s information hub to the Multicultural Hub. As part of Diversity week in Melbourne, they offered free multi-cultural workshops focusing on various cultures and their traditions (eg basket weaving as an indigenous activity, Bollywood dancing as an Indian activity, sushi-making as a Japanese activity, etc). Usually, they offer free programs to meet other people and share experiences about living and working in Melbourne. They offer English conversation classes, reading circles, support newly arrived people in writing resumes and updating their interview skills.

A great outing to highlight our visitor services as well as our diversity.

Birgitta March

Birgitta March

Teacher tourism including tourguiding and Multi-lingual tourguide in Australia.

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