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Farewell from Travel and Aviation!

And to all – that’s a wrap for 2015!

It’s been a massive year with the introduction of Aviation and welcoming Steve, Michelle and Louise – our wonderful Aviation Trainers to Travel having 2 wonderful groups where students are already in industry.

We look forward to what 2016 will bring with an awesome curriculum and meeting all future Aviation and Travel students next semester.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and watch this space in 2016!

Catchas all later! ūüôā

Book ’em Danno!

This week the Travel students finished off their practice travel consultations with me.¬†They presented their quotes with¬†pricing and explanations of products they’d selected for my holiday. It was great to see the delivery of their quote and what the students prepared for me, now I just want to go away! ūüėõ

I gave each student a different travel scenario, so not one consultation was the same. The students received feedback from me on their follow up consultations that can be applied next week when they do the real thing!

Each travel student will get a client and the expectation is that they complete the travel sales process, as well as providing excellent customer service and product knowledge.

Well done to the Travel Semester 2 students and good luck next week for your consultations!

I bet you have the Hawaii Five-0 theme song in your head now right?

Vanuatu Earthquake

There are reports of an earthquake in Vanuatu this morning, but we are pleased to report that our group of travellers are all safe and well.  They are in the Port Vila area and did not feel it, although a couple of students did think there breakfast table was shaking a little bit.

Yes, they are all safe and sound!

Podcast tour of St. Kilda on a very wintery Melbourne day…

It was very cold and rather wet but the tour guiding students were ready to explore the sordid past of St. Kilda through a pod cast named “Skirt by the Sea”. This audio tour does¬†a loop from Luna Park, past the Palais to the St. Kilda foreshore whilst sharing its history, its ‘colourful’ past¬†and tales about some of the residents such as Moira Mirka; the French ‘artiste’ who made a beautiful mosaic display on the foreshore.Continue reading

Tourism Industry Exchange at Zinc

The students visited the Tourism Industry Exchange at Zinc on the first day of spring.  This event was organised by Destination Melbourne and was aimed at tourism personnel and students to update their product knowledge from operators and tourism destinations across the state. This exchange also allowed students to network with prospective tourism businesses and industry representatives.  A great event, now in its 7th year.

Tourism students' fieldtrip to Werribee Zoo

DSCN0446DSCN0452DSCN0459   DSCN0476 DSCN0474 DSCN0463

On Monday, 31 August, the Tourguiding Elective students travelled by train and bus to Werribee Zoo to observe the guides’ skills and techniques. Students¬†also evaluated the guiding aids (eg maps, signage, electronic aids, etc), the layout as well as facilities and services for disabled people. They¬†also looked at the effectiveness of Apps such as Biodeversity Us and¬†Open Access Excursions which is an interactive app with Auslan (Australian Sign Language).¬†¬†Spring was in the air which made it a great afternoon.

What's on your Travel Bucket List?

Yesterday the Travel students presented their TRAVEL BUCKET LISTS! This was their final assessment task for Make a Presentation as each student presented the Top 3 things on their Travel Bucket List.

Each presentation was¬†wonderfully different… From the styles and methods of their presentations, to audience involvement and participation – it was great to see that each student really embraced and¬†owned their presentation.Continue reading

Travel visits AirTickets…

Today the Travel students conducted a site visit at AirTickets.

Annette explained the AirTickets and the HelloWorld travel brand, the recruitment and induction process and took the Travel students on a tour of the floor.

AirTickets_Travel2 AirTickets_Travel1

The importance of having good comprehension skills and being customer service focused was highlighted in the discussion. Annette also told the Travel students that it is important to continuously update your travel and product knowledge and to also know where to find information and who to call if they required assistance.

This visit gave the Travel students a look into another area of the travel industry РAirline Wholesale.

A big thank you to Annette and the AirTickets team for allowing us to come and visit your office.