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A Day, A Week, A Month. Guiding Students on the Move.


 Completing the journey of Tour Guide Training, the students and  I have have traveled several hundred kilometers, explored a variety of  beaches and coastlines, walked rain forests and hiked sections of the Great Ocean Walk. These, now graduate, Interpretive Guides have a comprehensive working knowledge of Melbourne and the surrounding destinations as well as the South West of Victoria which includes some of Victoria’s most popular regional tourist attractions and destinations.

Mondays of Term 4 found the group in a variety of locations as each student hosted a “Guided Walk.” The walk designed and managed by them as an Assignment.


Olivia shared her knowledge of editable plants during her very informative tour of Fitzroy.


Yu helped us to interpret aspects of Australia’s cultural and natural heritage by using the lyrics of our unofficial Anthem, Waltzing Matilda, all whilst standing beside a billabong and then under a coolabah tree. Note the swag on her back…..


An afternoon with Elodie allowed us to view Ned Kelly with yet another perspective…..


The sustainable practices and secrets of the St Kilda Botanical Gardens were shared with us by Lisa.


And what a way to end our Monday afternoon tours.


Planning Can Be Fun.

In preparation and planning of our 5 day trip we visited similar locations to where our trip would take us, in order to become familiar with the flora and fauna of both coastal and marine environments and the cultural heritage associated with them.


McGregor Road Beach Black Rock


There’s more to this than meets the eye…..


Lorena makes a new friend

Another day, another Environment to explore. Still on the topic of Coastal Environments but adding a little Cultural Heritage.


Our class room for a day. Point Nepean National Park.


Exploring the Cultural Heritage of The Quarantine Station


And this was where you disrobed and prepared for your hot shower which was to rid you of any nasty diseases picked up during the long voyage to Port Philip. Lucky Anibal didn’t have to experience this.


Park Ranger Brendan gets us acquainted with the locals



Can you believe this was our class room!


It was a great day and it is only the beginning of the journey…


Great Ocean Road here we come….

Whilst taking us all over Melbourne on Mondays the students were also preparing for their 5 day Great Ocean Road and South West Victoria Trip. Planning was underway with all 5 teams, each  team being responsible for managing a Full 24 hour period of the Tour. This involved being up by 6 am to prepare breakfast and lunch for the group, tidy up and then have us all on the bus and ready for what was planned for that day. Each person having responsibilities for the management of the group, the tour, commentary and activities throughout. The day ended after dinner had been served and cleared away. To accomplish this sound planning, great team work, research and more research was required and this resulted in everyone having heaps of fun.

In the Beginning…..


Thomas took us to Bushwacker’s Bay. We stood on rock that had been laid down at a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth….


During Maca’s challenging and informative presentation at Kennett River Mario made a new acquaintance.


Exploring the Cool Temperate Rain Forest of Mait’s Rest


A well earned dinner at the end of Day 1

Dinatours. A 14 kilometer Hike ……

We were well prepared for today each member of the group receiving text messages alerting us to some of the highlights we could expect with the Dinatours Team.


An early morning start at Aire River


At the starting point with 14 kms to go……


And we made it back from beautiful Johanna Beach to eat a hearty meal prepared and served by the Dinatours Team.

Day 3 What These Rocks Have Seen


Grab a snack, and your lunch pack and don’t forget breakfast…


We come from all corners of the globe it just happened that Chile had the highest representation.


What is Loch Arde Gorge famous for apart form having fun?


Its all about how you hold it Mario….

Day 4 Wominjeka Tours


Themed and constructed around a day focused on Indigenous Cultural Heritage and the UNESCO site of Bunj Bim.


Our Guide Aaron was very popular.


Tour Guide for a day….Anibal


And the end of our day with Aaron.


Diner at Surfside Caravan Park Warrnambool


A surprise birthday celebration followed by very energetic Salsa Dancing. Need lessons contact Lorena……

Day 5 Water is essential

Concentrating on the landscapes formed by volcanoes of a time long past, the farming enterprises of Australia’s first peoples and those introduced by European settles. The highlight of our day being our tour at Branbuk Cultural Centre. Bill our guide as an inspiration to all aspiring Interpretive Guides.

DSCN0645 DSCN0649

The magnificent Grampian Ranges.

What a way to end 5 days of great guiding, challenging walks, great meals and heaps of fun.

All aboard Rail Plus…

We ended yesterday’s International Destinations class with a visit from James, Inside Sales Executive for Rail Plus Australasia.

James covered the Rail Plus brand, the target market and the European rail network and product. James also did a time and price comparison between flying and taking the trains around Europe and the UK.

He also highlighted the importance of providing exceptional customer service and being part of the the clients holiday experience.

Thanks James for your time and humour! I know that the students will use this knowledge when they are out in industry selling rail.

  • Vanuatu_Lagoon 2_IMG_2037
  • Vanuatu_Lagoon 3_IMG_2931
  • Vanuatu_Lagoon_IMG_0583
  • Vanuatu_Setset 2_IMG_0427
  • Vanuatu_Sunset Lagoon 2_IMG_2432
  • Vanuatu_Sunset Lagoon_IMG_2428
  • Vanuatu 1_Fire Dance_IMG_0536
  • Vanuatu_Sunset_IMG_0186
  • Vanuatu 4_Eton Beach_IMG_2608
  • Vanuatu_Zipline 2_IMG_2328
  • Vanuatu 3_Zipline_IMG_2311
  • Vanuatu_Zipline 3_IMG_2339
  • Vanuatu_Zipline 5_IMG_2370
  • Vanuatu_Group 2_IMG_0600
  • Vanuatu_Group 3_IMG_0603

Words from our Travel Coordinator…

Vanuatu 2_WAI APTC_IMG_0597

Our Travel Coordinator, George posted this via the WAI-APTC Travel & Hospitality Professionals’ page on Facebook:

I would like to thank all the crew from APTC for providing us with a wonderful week which I hope many of my students won’t forget. From the moment we arrived your warm welcome and smile was the start of a great week. Your arrangements throughout the week was first class, and professionally handled and you were all a credit to yourselves and APTC. Thank you for everything you did, you can all be proud of your achievements, and I wish you all the very best when you finish your course and good luck for where ever it may lead you. You all have so much to give the Tourism Industry and I know you will all do well. I look forward to catching up with all of you over the years in my travels, when you are all in industry. Thank you and Good Luck to you all.

– George Vajda, Coordinator – Travel & Aviation, William Angliss Institute

© All photos by Dan Siriman, 2015

Whatever your style, see it your way!

Gads Student Talk - IMG_0019EMBRACE THE BIZARRE! Today Travel welcomed Greg, Global Purpose Specialist – Sales Manager for G Adventures.

Who is G Adventures you ask? They are the small group adventure specialists with over 25 years experience in the industry. They have over 650 tours to choose from that delivery an authentic, cultural and sustainable travel experience. With their youngest traveller at 5 years old, there’s a tour for everyone!

The travel students sat in awe as Greg started his talk on the history of G Adventures and their inspirational founder Bruce Poon Tip. Greg continued with explaining the G Adventures brand, target markets, tours styles and sharing his own G travel experiences.Continue reading

What a way to spend your holiday….


During the semester break the 3rd Annual Wildlife Tourism Australia Conference was held in Geelong. Several Tour Guiding Students volunteered their time helping out with general administration and organisation of each day. They also assisted with question time at the end of Presentations,  and “scribed” for the “round table” discussions. It was a busy time but one that offered access to all the delegates and speakers, providing excellent networking opportunities.Continue reading

Tourism students meet Ned Kelly before discovering life behind Bars

The T3 Tourism Advanced Diploma Tourism students discovered life in gaol for their Tourism products famils to the Old Melbourne Gaol, the City Police Watch-house and the Police Museum. The experience provided inspiration to complete an assessment task based on reviewing a Melbourne Tour product and to find out about ‘Ned Kelly’IMG_1562

The Old Melbourne Gaol is a must see Melbourne tourism experience in the CBD that provides the opportunity to walk on the blue stone footsteps in one of Australia’s most notorious gaol. The Gaol has an excellent range of interpretive signage to read and reflect on life in gaolContinue reading

Diploma Tourism Students Sustainable Tour Beechworth week 8

2B Brewery Courtyard GRP

Beechworth Waterfalls

Lunch Brewery 2B


Our Diploma of Tourism students ventured by 25 seater bus with Teacher drivers  Adrian Hart, George Vajda & John O’Donnell  to Beechworth on two separate excursions Monday 31st August to Tuesday 1st September & Thursday 3rd to Friday 4th  September.

They analysed the sustainability of nine individual tourism businesses and experiences. The students were to audit the social ,environmental and economic benefits of the businesses actions.

Continue reading