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Aviation takes off!

Article by: Steve Markotis – Aviation Teacher

On Wednesday the 22nd of April 2015, the Certificate III in Aviation (Flight Operations) students went on their first Inflight Excursion to Adelaide on Jetstar Flight JQ 776.  This excursion gave the students the opportunity to experience the day in a life of a Flight Attendant.  To consolidate what they have learnt so far in class with what actually happens on board an aircraft.

The day was filled with excitement and adventure, with students experiencing first hand check-in procedures, boarding of an aircraft, in-flight service, customer service standards, grooming standards, disembarkation requirements. Captain Lars Larsen kindly allowed students to sit in the flight deck once we arrived in Adelaide.  The students had a tour around Adelaide International Airport and all the facilities offered to passengers.

At times William Angliss students were mistaken for Cabin Crew, which added a positive glow to their experience.  The entire class enjoyed each and every moment of their day and were able to gain that knowledge which will assist them in gaining employment with a major airline as Cabin Crew.    On behalf of William Angliss Institute and all students involved, we would like to thank Jetstar, Lars Larsen and his entire Crew for looking after us and answering our queries.

Student Quotes of their experience on the day:

“Flying to Adelaide and back with Jetstar was a very interesting experience.  This is due to the knowledge I have gained from the course.  Watching what the Flight Attendants were doing, knowing exactly what they were going to do next, put the flight into a very different perspective compared to when I would usually fly to go on a holiday.  Overall, the excursion showed me that I have learnt a lot during the course so far and I now know that I will take these skills with me in my future career, of hopefully becoming a Flight Attendant.”  – Brooke Scott-Elsley

“Our aviation class went on our first excursion of the course.  The aim of the excursion was to experience as a passenger the process of travelling to the airport, checking in, boarding and flying interstate. We flew from Melbourne to Adelaide with Jetstar.  After exploring Adelaide Airport we flew back to Melbourne.  Aboard the aircraft, we seemed to focus a lot on what was happening to us as passengers, and how our flight attendants went about their job.  Everything we have been learning in class was put into perspective and we got to experience in real life, the importance and reality of the role of a Flight Attendant.”  – Brooke Robbins

“On Wednesday the 22nd of April our class went to Adelaide for the day.  We all flew with Jetstar and the reason we went was to do a report on the service that Jetstar Cabin Crew provide.  Everything we learn in class was shown by the Flight Attendants during the flight.  It was a pretty fun, but tiring day.  The Flight Attendants greeted and offered food and beverages to everyone during the flight, and provided help when needed. It was nice going around Adelaide Airport.  Watching them perform their tasks was close to identical with the training we have learnt.  Some made it look fun and fairly easy as they always had a smile while they communicated.  Watching them with the knowledge of the career makes me keener to work as a Flight Attendant.”  – Chuck Poco