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Philip Island Oct 2018

barking Owlet so cute
the main attraction!! Penguins
checking out the surf at wild Woolamai

Off to Philip Island to visit with lots of wildlife, and to experience how a small regional area makes the most of it’s tourism potential !! A wonderful 2 days was had as students got to experience so much of what Philip island has to offer. The weather was perfect , not too hot or cold, and the animals really came out to play for us this trip. Unfortunately on day two the bus broke down ( again!!! the second time for these students!!) But after a quick interlude on the swings in the park , Bunyip had a replacement bus organised for us… YAY . So a quick change over at the Australian botanical gardens in Cranbourne and we were off home.

making new friends with food
Mr Wombat was wide awake and active

the whole gang at the Vietnam Veterans Museum

Around the bay Aug 2018

base of the lighthouse
Into the BRIG !!

Around the Bay again and what a wonderful trip we had until the huge learning curve of a coach break down. Stranded amongst the redolent , freshly fertilised fields of the Mornington Peninsular, the SOS went out until a kindly , local, school bus driver picked us up and got us to the Arthurs Seat Eagle. We managed to all get our ride with the magnificent views before the thunder storm arrived, and luckily our bus company had found a replacement coach to take us home. PHEW!

Around the Bay tourism excursion

Tourism and Travel Students 2018

On the 14th of March the Tourism and Travel students went for a trip around the bay. Our first stop was Avalon Airport where we learnt that international flights will be starting there next year, so we got to see the proposed site for the new passport control and customs services that will be necessary. Travelling via the Geelong waterfront we then arrived at the Fort in Queenscliff; where our tour guide informed us of the history of the forts at the Port Philip Heads, and we learnt of the purpose of the dual lighthouse system of ship navigation. Onto the ferry we ploughed over to Sorrento and headed up to Arthurs Seat. After a quick lunch we all went for a ride on the Eagle gondola ride, and got to experience the best views of the bay that you could ask for. We then proceeded to the Frankston Visitor Information Centre where we spoke to the local council Tourism officer to learn of all the work that councils do the encourage and support the Tourism industry, and heard from the staff member in charge of the huge volunteer workforce that they utilise. Over all we had a wonderful and informative day.

  • moonlit Fernanda 2017
  • moonlit Maddy 2017
  • nobbies 2017
  • Smiths beach PI Oct 2017

Philip Island tourism trip October 2017

What a wonderful trip to Philip Island we had again this semester… Lots of Spring joeys in the pouches of the gorgeous array of marsupials at Moonlit sanctuary, chicks in the homes of the Little Penguins, and wildlife everywhere. The Vietnam Veterans museum was fascinating as our VET guides answered any and every question, and we learnt so much about accessibility, when we hired the beach wheelchair and got our wheelchair bound student onto the beach and into the water for the first time in 20 years. Joy all round.