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Stuart Christelow

Vanuatu Earthquake

There are reports of an earthquake in Vanuatu this morning, but we are pleased to report that our group of travellers are all safe and well.  They are in the Port Vila area and did not feel it, although a couple of students did think there breakfast table was shaking a little bit.

Yes, they are all safe and sound!

New Tourism Students Explore the city


On Wednesday morning the Stage one tourism students headed off to Federation Square and the New location of the Koorie Heritage Trust for an exploration of some of Melbourne’s tourism locations.

Whilst it was a very Brisk morning, the group took shelter below ground exploring the Melbourne visitors information centre, and checking out the various venues and Ian Potter Centre, as well as taking in the views of the Melbourne skyline.  Once inside the new Koorie Heritage trust, one of the staff members gave us a demonstration of digeridoo playing much to the excitement of the international students amongst us.

Overall it was a fun and informative morning.

Round the Bay we go!

Tuesday the 18th August was the date for the tourism and tour guiding students trip “Around the Bay”.

We set off in drizzly rain, but managed to have clear skies by the time we reached Avalon Airport. The manager of the airport, Terry Bright, spoke to the students about all things “small airport” whilst he showed us around the various facilities. One or two hiccups with security later ( thanks to some aerosol cans etc) we were back on the bus to head to Queenscliff.Continue reading