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Daily Archives: June 5, 2015

Features 'tell' and benefits 'sell'…!

This week in Travel, the students completed their practice sales consultations with me and WELL DONE to the travel students.

With brochures, sales scripts and questions at the ready – the travel students were in full travel agent mode! At the end of the sales consultations, they received feedback from me on their strengths and where they can improve for next time. This consultation was aimed at presenting and getting information from me about my holiday needs, wants and expectations. Now they will use CCT (Cross Check Travel) to produce my quote and I’m very keen to see what travel products they have picked for me!

The students will meet with me again next Thursday as a follow up to present their quotes to me. With sales consultations completed throughout the semester, this will be the last opportunity for the students to practice and receive feedback before their real consultations with industry in 2 weeks time.


Fiji travel reflection by Steph Foster

“As part of our Certificate III in Travel here at William Angliss, we got the opportunity to go to Fiji for a week for an educational trip. We did hotel inspections in some of, if not, Fiji’s finest resorts and accommodation facilities as well as had a few days off to look around our hotel and spend some time by the pool and beach. Continue reading